Helping Hands for the Disabled of NYC

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Helping Hands For the Disabled of NYC.

Please call our Info Line for up to date information at 1-773-572-6327.

Welcome to Helping Hands For the Disabled of NYC

a non-profit organization. We have been serving the New York community for 29 years.

In 1982 a group of us decided that there were not enough recreational opportunities for people with disabilities that provided accessible services. For example: trips that would have guides for the blind, wheelchair accessible vans and sign language interpreters.

​We began organizing trips once a month that included necessary access services that allowed disabled people to enjoy more recreational events. We also made our own choices about what kind of things were appropriate for our needs.

As the years went on we realized disabled people needed help in their homes particularly the totally blind who require assistance with tasks such as reading mail, filling out paperwork, running errands and keeping medical appointments.

We have always worked with volunteers to provide these services. Our volunteers come from all walks of life and many of them are also disabled. We are always looking for volunteers.

Any disabled person age 18 years and older can become a member of our organization.

Helping Hands for the Disabled Of NYC is fortunate to have the support of our community. You can do your part to help the community. There are many ways you can help, whether its volunteering, participating in a fundraising event or making a donation.

Your support is greatly appreciated.

Are you able to run errands, read your mail, go shopping, take yourself for a walk at will. For some of our disabled members this is quite difficult. That is why we need your help. If you would like to volunteer please give us a call at 718-606-9712 or 917-696-8115 or email us at

We need donations of gift cards that we can distribute to disabled adults sothat they can purchase food. If you can help let us know. No amount is too small.​

Additional Resources

Action Line
We are here for you 9am - 9pm Seven days a week
718 -606-9712

Food Pantry Available for Disabled People
We can bring food to you. 718 606-9712

Helping Hands for the Disabled of NYC
PO Box 9174
Astoria, NY 11103

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